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Thank you!

Sean Tevis lost his election bid. It was close. I give my heartfelt thanks to the thousands of voters, supporters, and volunteers who helped or made this possible, but most especially I thank you.

Arlen Siegfreid52%
Sean Tevis48%
On the other hand, I did much better than Barack Obama, at least locally in my district.

  I want to hear from you.  

Ask me a question or tell me what's most important to you. I'll reply back with a straight answer or a thoughtful response.


A New Voice for Olathe

My name is Sean Tevis and I am running for Kansas State Representative in District 15 [map], which encompasses downtown Olathe, Kansas. I appreciate your vote on November 4th.

I am running because I believe:

Strong schools lead to broad, rich, and robust economic development.
Kansas can create thousands of new jobs through a comprehensive energy policy.
Government can be more efficient and more accountable to you.
Health care costs are spinning out of control.
Kansans should not be taxed on the food they buy.


Sean Tevis - State Representative