Sean Tevis for State Representative

Running for Office: It's Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner

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My name is Sean Tevis [photo]. I'm an Information Architect in Kansas running for State Representative. I’ve decided to “retire” my current State Representative. I'm going to win. This is my story (XKCD homage style) so far.
I’m downmodding him.
Who's Dirk Kempthorne?
More cynical.
It's impossible.
This is the Internet!
For $8.34, you can make history.

UPDATE - Tuesday, July 22nd



We've met our goal of 3,000, enabling us to run a competitive campaign, but you can help us win. It's for an excellent cause, you'll be making history, and you will be greatly appreciated.

The Rules

Campaign finance rules:

  • The maximum donation per person, per cycle is $500.
  • The Primary cycle ends Aug. 5, 2008 and the General cycle begins on Aug 5 and ends on December 31, 2008. So, you and your spouse can donate $1000 now and $1000 after Aug 5th, 2008.
  • Donations cannot be accepted from non-U.S. citizens.
  • Occupation and Industry information is required under state law for donations in excess of $150. We'll email you for that information.


Donate more than $8.34 and get some nice things:

  • $60 - We'll send a really nice, big thank you card signed by all of our volunteers. It's not exotic or valuable, but it's genuine appreciation. We'd love to send you more, but we're really trying to conserve our resources and spend thriftily.
  • $120 - We'll send you a limited edition campaign t-shirt. It's well-designed, unlike most campaign stuff.
  • $250 - We'll send you a limited edition campaign t-shirt and a coffee mug with the Kansas flag on it.
  • $500 - We'll send you a limited edition campaign t-shirt, a coffee mug with the Kansas flag on it, and a DVD video from Sean Tevis' mom telling you how wonderful you are, because you are.